Math Programs


Learning Enhancement Centers uses the CRA approach in conjunction with a variety of math programs to help struggling learners grow and strengthen their math skills. One of our highly skilled Learning Specialists will work one-on-one with your child to target math problem areas and personalize a program to fit his educational needs and grade level.

CRA (Concrete, Representation, and Abstract) Approach is a research-based strategy that focuses on teaching math by moving students through a sequence of concrete (manipulatives), then representational (pictures), and finally abstract (pencil/paper) activities. At LEC, all math activities are taught using this CRA approach while following a traditional scope and sequence of math concepts based on an individual’s grade level. Each step of this three-part instructional strategy builds on the previous instruction to promote student learning and retention and to expand conceptual knowledge.

Our Innovative and Research-Based Math Programs :


LEC Math Skill Development program focuses on the development of memory skills for retaining math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or other age-level content. To improve students’ automatic recall of math facts, the LEC instructors use visual imagery, rhythm patterns, and auditory rhymes while teaching numeric concepts.

Discover Math is a comprehensive multi-sensory program for learning math. The use of concrete experiences and manipulatives during instruction fosters the students’ understanding of math concepts. Concepts are explored through verbal discussions and mental imagery. 

This program is based on the following unique learning elements:

  • Applying concepts to problem solving is done in a natural progression throughout the program.
  • Repetition and reinforcement is used only after a concept is understood. This allows students to apply what they have learned in previous instruction.
  • Strong emphasis is placed on understanding how numbers work, NOT on drilling math facts. This emphasis allows students to successfully extend and apply their knowledge to many other mathematical concepts and exercises.