With a mission of unlocking intelligence for life, we offer a variety of  invaluable educational services that not only improve cognitive skills for better grades and improved self-confidence, but help to lay the foundation for the lifelong success of our students.


Reading and Writing

Difficulties with reading and writing can be caused by different issues, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. As part of our reading and writing services, we evaluate each child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can tailor our programs to meet your child’s needs. Click to explore our comprehensive reading and writing programs.



Does your child struggle to keep up in math or just not understand basic math concepts? Click to read more about how our innovative math programs can help.


Brain-Training Programs

With the right training, an individual’s brain can be taught to overcome learning challenges such as those related to Memory, Attention, Cognitive Processing, and Executive Functions. Click to learn more about how our evidence-based brain-training programs can help you or your child.


Day School Program

For students who require a more structured learning environment, we offer a full-day program through The Marshall School. Click for more details about the Marshall School.


Homeschool Support

We offer support and guidance to homeschooling families regarding curriculum and structure. Click for more details.